A standard Jackal swordsman.

"Come on out! We won't hurt ya.....much!"

- Jackal members to Tamiko The Jackals are a gang who appear in Red Steel 2. They are lead by Payne.

Red Steel 2Edit

The Jackals are the first enemy group The Hero will encounter. Most Jackal variants are fairly weak, but with the exception of Big Bill, are hard to defeat.

Jackal Swordsmen
Jackal Swordsmen are the weakest Jackal type. They simply wield a katana and are capable of blocking bullets, so it is best to use a strong attack or to attack from behind.

Jackal Gunfighters
Jackal Gunfighters carry two revolvers. They wear white tank tops with two straps. The Hero can block their shots, although it is preferred to use firearms against them.

Armored Jackals
Armormed Jackals are much larger then the Jackal Swordsmen and Gunfighters. Their armor is capable of blocking most attacks with the exception of strong attacks and armor piercing rounds. Strong slashes will damage their armor and eventually break it, which should make them equivalent to a Jackal Swordsman . Armor piercing rounds will do basic damage.

Big Bills
Big Bills are very bulky and tough. Unlike a Jackal Swordsman, they carry sledgehammers instead of swords. Their armor is invincible and have a weak spot: their back.

They first appear attempting to hunt down The Hero for Payne, their leader. When Payne is killed by The Hero, Jackal forces remain intact, most likely by teaming up with the ferocious Katakara Clan.

Gallery of Jackal TypesEdit