Katakara basic soldier

The Katakara clan, led by the fearsome Okaji, is the second enemy faction the Hero will face through his journey. Much tougher than the Jackals, they will use more advanced and yet brutal tactics to take down the Hero. The Katakara clan are responsible for the annihilation of the Kusagari Clan and are the reason why the Hero is the sole survivor of the massacre.

Combat StyleEdit

The Katakara warriors commonly wield swords with two hands. This technique allows them to block enemy sword attacks far more efficently than Jackals. The other weapon they are seen using a lot is the Machine Gun, which both physically and visually resembles the Johnny Gun The Hero wields, and can be devastating to an opponent.

Some sword-holding Katakara wear armour which greatly increases their health and durability. The player may use special moves, Kusagari powers and strong attacks to defeat these enemies.

Select few Katakara known as Katakara Chaingunners, hold giant chaingun turrets fitted with a bulletproof shield to protect them from any damage to the front. The chaingun deals staggering damage and the user can attack the player with the butt of the gun as well which is just as effective. These Katakara have a huge amount of health and should be taken out with fast strong slashes to the back or the Shot special move. However, the most efficient way to take them down is aproaching and using The Eagle when they strike, leaving them vulnerable to your attacks.